Genuine taste of Portugal

Lisbon, Arrábida, Azeitão, Reguengo de Monsaraz, Évora, Arrábida, Estremoz, Vila Viçosa, Borba, Alter do Chão, Marvão, Bussaco, Tomar Mealhada, Serra da Estrela

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We pride ourselves on delivering a superior tour, that offers a lifetime experience.

You will taste the most genuine and authentic that Portugal has to present.

Small groups to make sure that all the attention goes to what you are looking for.

No optional excursions, no hidden costs.

1st Day – Lisboa | Arrábida | Azeitão | Lisboa

After getting to know your fellow travellers, is time to start moving, and explore the oldest country in Europe.

Located next to the sea, between Setúbal and the fishing village of Sesimbra, Arrábida Natural Park has incomparable natural beauty, where the blue of the sea alternates with the white tones of the chalk cliffs. Some of the beaches of the park were on the list of the most beautiful in the world and are a secret paradise for dolphins.

Try Azeitão cheese, a Portuguese delicacy, produced only in the demarcated municipalities of Setubal, Palmela and Sesimbra. Visit to a local winery, the one that produces Blue Wine, yes, the wine is blue.

2nd Day – Lisboa | Reguengos de Monsaraz | Évora

This morning we visit Reguengos de Monsaraz, the “Balcony of the great Alqueva Lake”. Walk through the Terre de Monsaraz, Pelourinho, Church of Our Lady of the Lagoon, and House of the Inquisition until arriving at the Castle. We’ll end the visit with a taste of the red wine produced in the Alentejo region.

Évora, delightful city that exudes Portuguese charm and boasts a vast array of fascinating historical monuments, a major trading and religious centre once. The city has a lot to offer to visitors, with interesting historical monuments, great restaurants, a relaxed nightlife and is the gateway to the Alentejo region.

3rd Day – Évora | Arraiolos | Estremoz | Vila Viçosa | Borba | Alter do Chão | Marvão


After breakfast, time to move forward, continuing to Arraiolos, small town, famous for its exquisite “tapetes” (carpets). These handwoven works have been in production here since the 12th century and show a marked influence from Persian rugs.

We will pass for some of the most charismatic villages of Alentejo North Region, full of rich culture and traditions, famous for their wines and Lusitano horses breeding. We’ll see places like Estremoz, Vila Viçosa, Borba and Alter do Chão. Time to visit one of the biggest horse breeding farms, that use to belong to the Portuguese royal family, Coudelaria Alter Real.

We will finish for the day, in the stunning picturesque village of Marvão, located in a hill of the Natural Park, a city inside fortify walls, with beautiful and narrow cobbled streets, popular houses very typical of Alentejo region.

4th Day – Marvão | Tomar | Coimbra 

Visit Tomar, was the Headquarters of the Knights Templar Order in Portugal for nearly 700 years. The Knights Templar castle which dominates the town was constructed in 1160. The Castle, and the Convent of Christ, contained within the site, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

“Coimbra is a lesson”, as the popular Fado song says, Coimbra is firstly a lesson of Portuguese History. There is no other Portuguese city like Coimbra in what comes to academic tradition which is present in the students’ everyday life.

5th Day – Coimbra | Bussaco | Mealhada | Serra da Estela Region  

Visit the gardens of Bussaco Palace, summer residence for the Portuguese Royal family. If you’re after a fairy-tale palace with magnificent views, this a place to see. Free time to walk around the forrest.

Trip to Bairrada region, famous for their sparkling wines. We’ll visit their caves to learn more about the production process and taste the very best wine. Mealhada, located in central Portugal, renowned for his typical suckling pig, a culinary specialty that it calls its own. Since the 18th century, the moist, smoky, crispy allure of the dish, known locally as “leitão assado”, has been a magnet for locals and tourists from all around the world. After lunch we continue to Serra da Estrela region, place that offers breath-taking views of the surrounding plains. Visit to a local cheese farm and taste the amazing local goat cheese.

6th Day – Serra da Estrela Region | Vila Nova de Foz Côa | Douro Valley


This day we’ll go directly to Vila Nova de Foz Côa, where we will embark on a day Cruise along the stunning Douro River, demarcated wine region, and it is here that many of the Port wine estates are to be found. The undulating curves of the Douro wine region’s hillsides create a beautiful and dramatic landscape which changes with the seasons and is so special it was awarded UNESCO World Heritage status in 2001. You will have the opportunity to try this dessert wine on board. Included lunch on the boat.

Overnight in Douro Valley region, consider one of the most beautiful regions of Portugal.

7th Day – Douro Valley Region | Lamego | Amarante | Guimarães


Today we will visit Lamego, a town 10km south of the Rio Douro, time to see it astonishing baroque stairway. The old town centre itself has a mix of winding narrow lanes and tree-lined boulevards, with spotlit medieval landmarks looming from almost every angle.

Free time to have lunch in Amarante, handsomely set on a bend in the Rio Tâmega, the sleepy village of Amarante is dominated by a striking church and monastery.

Continue to Guimarães, city of rich history and the “birthplace of Portugal”. Visit to one of the most ancients’ castles of Portugal, an impressive structure that remains with his very important legacy. Every inch of Guimarães delightful medieval centre exudes history.

8th Day – Guimarães | Agra Typical Village


Today we will drive to a unique place, Agra, typical village with a strong charming and rural identity. Embrace the scenario that surrounds you, enjoy the peace and the powerful silence. Known for his traditional quilts made coarse woollen, pedestrian trails and Wild Horses. You’ll also have the opportunity to ride a horse, view the old farms and the crystal-clear lagoons. We will enjoy both lunch and typical dinner on the most recognise restaurant of the area “Restaurante Agra na Boca” while watching a traditional show of “Portuguese Concertina”.

9th Day – Agra Typical Village | Vila Verde | Arcos de Valdevez Soajo | Melgaço


This day we will drive along the “Vinho Verde” route, there’s no better way to explore the breathtakingly beautiful part of the country than by following the established route, which takes in some of the most ancient towns and cities in Portugal, we will have time to taste it. Visit the city of Arcos de Valdevez were we will have time for lunch. Continue to the village of Soajo placed on the heart of the Alto Minho, at the North of the country, in the beautiful and typical region, rich land of tales and myths and where nature’s beauty remains untouched

Overnight in the city of Melgaço, privileged place, it overviews the beautiful Minho valley, filled with amazing vineyards.

10th Day – Melgaço | Monção | Caminha | Viana do Castelo

Continue along the Minho River, border with Spain, still on the famous Vinho Verde route, where we’ll have some time to visit the medieval city Monção, surrounded by his ancient walls and Caminha, village of rich history, once a very important maritime trade point.

Visit the city of Viana do Castelo, a contrasted scenery is suggested by the sea with its golden sandy beaches, by Santa Luzia hill that draws the horizon and by the Lima River that bathes the serene fluvial beaches, which represents, without any doubt, one of the most beautiful landscapes, generated by nature.

By night, enjoy a typical fish dinner surrounded by the idyllic and picturesque scenario.

11th Day – Viana do Castelo | Braga | Porto

Departure from Viana do Castelo towards Braga, known as “Bracara Augusta”, the oldest city of Portugal, built more than 2000 years, known by the “Portuguese Rome” because of the great roman and religious legacy. Here you can visit the Sé, the oldest Cathedral in Portugal. Braga was considered in 2019 the second European Best Destination. Time to visit the most famous Monastery of Portugal, Bom Jesus do Monte. We suggest you climb the majestic stairs or board on the funicular, the only one powered by water.

We’ll continue our way to Porto, capital and gateway to the north of Portugal, where you will have some time gentle stroll through its streets, taking time to admire the typical granite houses and the main monuments.

12th Day – Porto

After breakfast, unfortunately it is time to say your goodbyes to your fellow travellers.

  • Entrance to Bacalhoa Wine farm – Blue wine;
  • Wine tasting in Monsaraz – Herdade do Esporão;
  • Visit to an Arraiolos Factory;
  • Visit the Royal Lusitano Horse breeding farm;
  • Included Entrance to Tomar Castle, the Convent of Christ;
  • Visit Bussaco Palace gardens;
  • Entrance to a Sparkling wine caves and tasting;
  • Included Cheese tasting/demo in Serra da Estrela;
  • Included Day cruise along the Douro River with lunch And Porto Wine;
  • Entrance to Paço dos Duques entrance;
  • Entrance to Guimarães Castle entrance;
  • Included Horse ride;
  • Vinho Verde Tasting – A Portuguese wine;
  • Vinho Alvarinho Tasting A Portuguese wine;
  • Included: Entrance on Traje Museum – A Portuguese culture museum;
  • Welcome Lunch in Azeitão with wine and water;
  • Traditional dinner in Evora wine and water;
  • Traditional dinner in Marvão with wine and water;
  • Traditional lunch:  Roast Suckling Pig with wine and water , a delicacy of the region;
  • Included lunch with Porto Wine Tasting;
  • Traditional dinner with wine and water in Guimarães;
  • Agra Typical Village Lunch and Dinner with wine and water;
  • Traditional Lunch with wine and water in Arcos de Valdvez;
  • Traditional local Fish Dinner with wine and water in Viana do Castelo;
  • Farwell Dinner with drinks (Special and the world famous Fransesinha) at Café Santiago.