Porto And North

Porto, Pinhão, Amarante, Agra Typical Village ( National Park ), Gerês, Ponte de Lima, Braga, Piódão

April 14 to 19 / April 27 to May 02 / May 08 to 13 / May 24 to 29 / June 08 to 13 / June 21 to 26 / September 02 to 07 / September 18 to 23 / October 06 to 11 / October 20 to 25 / October 30 to November 04

Since: 990€ (Per person in Double/Twin) / Single: + 175€ Accommodation at 4* Hotels


1st Day   Porto 

Welcome to Porto!

Meet up with your tour leader and get to know your new fellow travellers to start an amazing experience with us.

Capital and gateway to the north of Portugal, Porto is both the city that provided a nation with a name and a fortified wine known world-wide: port. If you want to get to know the city better, we recommend a gentle stroll through its cobbled streets, taking time to admire the typical granite houses and monuments, enjoying a tram ride along the banks of Douro river, or even going for a boat ride under the city´s six bridges.

Delight yourself with a 100% Portuguese welcome lunch, we have waiting for you.


What’s (included) on this day:

– Typical lunch “Francesinha” the most famous dish in Porto – Resturante Café Santiago

– Porto walking tour: enjoy the view from Ponte Luiz I, walk down Praça da Liberdade and walk past Livraria Lello, famous bookshop that inspired Harry Potter’s library in Hogwarts;

2nd Day  Porto | Pinhão | Amarante |
Agra Typical Village ( Natural Park )

After breakfast we’ll head out to the village of Pinhão, considered to be the geographical centre of the Douro demarcated wine region, and it is here that many of the Port wine estates are to be found. The railway station is worth attention. Built at the end of the nineteenth century, the inside is entirely lined with Portuguese tiles. Enjoy the timeless beauty and grace of a river cruise, being the best way to contemplate the vineyards.

Then we’ll depart towards Amarante to contemplate the majestic São Gonçalo Bridge and to walk through the historical centre to admire the typical houses and taste the peculiar sweet of “São Gonçalo”.

A very special dinner will be served on a traditional restaurant, set in a typical Portuguese village, very close to the Gerês National Park. Our accommodation will be in this idyllic scenario, surrounded by peace and an amazing view, on a rural charm hotel.

3rd Day – Agra Typical Village ( Natural Park ) | Gerês | Ponte de Lima

After breakfast, we’ll take a stroll through the woods of Serra da Cabreira, city of Vieira do Minho, just outside of the Gerês National Park, and focus on this new type of landscape. You will hardly find, in Portugal, a place like the upper valley, from the traditional guard houses to little typical villages. If you´re lucky, you will catch a glimpse of a wolf, the golden eagle and wild horses that live in these hills. In the afternoon, breath-taking landscapes of Gerês mountain ranges. The lush vegetation in all shades of green includes a forest of holly, the only one in Portugal, and endemic species such as the Gerês lily, which brightens up the fields with its shades of violet blue.

Ponte de Lima, known for its Roman Bridge over the Lima river, that gave its name to this very ancient and very beautiful town. This traditional town is brought to life when a huge and lively fair that dates to the middle Ages is held on the banks of the river. This same stretch of sand is also the site for another traditional event held in June, known as the “Vaca das Cordas”.

We’ll end the day with a delicious taste of Vinho Verde, the traditional wine of Minho region, accompanied by the very best flavours of the local cuisine.

What’s (included) on this day:

– Horse ride at Serra da Cabreira

– Scenic drive by Gerês National Park

– Visit the oldest village in Portugal, Ponte de Lima

– Taste the regional Vinho Verde exclusive from this region on a beautiful farmhouse “Casa Lata”

4th Day  Braga | Porto

After breakfast, explore the historical centre of the city, where you can find the beautiful religious and roman legacy that extends through its typical alleys and cobbled streets. Admire the ancient Sé Cathedral, the oldest in Portugal and the colourful Avenida da Liberdade. Return to Braga where we’ll visit the most important icons of the religious heritage of the city: the Bom Jesus do Monte and the Nossa Senhora do Sameiro sanctuaries. Here we’ll have the opportunity to admire the most amazing view over Braga. Free time.


What’s (included) on this day:

– Traditional Piri-piri Chiken lunch at “Tourigalo” Restaurant

– Visit Bom Jesus sanctuary in Braga with his famous stairs

– Visit Sameiro sanctuary

5th Day – Porto | Piódão | Aveiro | Porto

We’ll start the day with the visit in Piódão, the most charming, typical and picturesque village in Portugal, hand carved into the Serra do Açor, that offer us a fairy-tale scenario. Is one of the most beautiful villages in the centre of Portugal, mainly because of the schist houses that are displayed in as amphitheatre way. With the sunset and lights turned on, looks like a Nativity set.

Aveiro is perhaps one of the country’s most unique and inspiring cities that features on few travel itineraries for visitors planning their trip to the western part of the Iberian Peninsula. Here we’ll enjoy a nice cruise by the “Ria de Aveiro” on the local and typical moliceiro boat.


What’s (included) on this day:

– Visit the charming Piodão Village Drive through the Serra do Açor

– Visit the Portuguese Venice Aveiro and the Moliceiro boats

– Farewell dinner in Porto at the famous “Restaurant Papagaio“

6th Day  Porto

Após o pequeno, infelizmente é hora de dizer adeus aos seus companheiros de viagem! Esperamos vê-lo em breve… obrigado!

  • Lunch “Francesinha” the most famous dish in Porto at Restaurante Santiago;
  • Porto walking tour: enjoy the view from Ponte Luiz I Walk down Praça da Liberdade Livraria Lello, famous bookshop that inspired Harry Potter’s library in Hogwarts;
  • Scenic boat cruise on Douro River;
  • Pinhão Railway station;
  • Walking tour in Braga;
  • Horse ride at Serra da Cabreira;
  • Traditional lunch at Restaurante Agra na Boca;
  • View of the Gerês waterfalls drive through the beautiful National Park;
  • Visit Bom Jesus sanctuary in Braga and the famous stairs;
  • Visit Sameiro sanctuary;
  • Traditional Piri-piri Chiken lunch at Tourigalo Restaurant;
  • Visit the oldest village in Portugal, Ponte de Lima;
  • Taste the regional Vinho Verde, exclusive of this region in the stunning Casa Lata;
  • Visit the charming Piodão village, driving through the Serra do Açor;
  • Visit the Portuguese Venice Aveiro and the Moliceiro boats;
  • Farwell dinner at Restaurante Papagaio.